About University of Halabja

According to historical references Halabja is one of the ancient cities of south Kurdistan. There are many remaining and ancient places left in the city and its boundaries. Some of them refer to B.C. and others refer to the time Islam came to the city.

And if we talk about today’s Halabja, it refers to the first Half of 18th century, when thirteen families of Shewakali lords came to Halabja. They found it both suitable and comfortable for living; therefore,  they decided to settle down.

Although Halabja had been talked about as a town in 1842, but for many years a master was in charge of the place. Until 1869 the lord of Jaff families, called muhamad, became the first ever Ruler of Halabja.

If we come to talk about literature, there have been always so many amazing poets of the great Kurdistan in the city with an amazing amount of literary resources that could bring our literature to glory. So many great poets from different literary movements lived in Halabja such as; Malwlawi, Nali, Goran, Tahir Bagy Jaff, Ahmad Muxtar Jaff, …etc.

Halabja, the cit of poetry and attitude. When ever hear the name of “Halabja” , podtry and attitude come to our minds, insistence on defending our nation brought halabja into a disaster that can be mentioned as one of the most tragic generate in the 20th century. If we go back through history, this city have had so many remarkable poets and well-known fighters who founded school classicism in Kurdish poetry. Goran, as the first Kurdish poet who started writing poems in both (Romanticism and realism) fur there more, the first women who became a mayor, in the whole Iraq, was “Adila Khan’. She was the mother, in the whole Iraq, was “Adila Khan”. She was the mother of two of the most amazing poets as “Ahmad Mukhtar Jaff, and Tahir Bagi Jaff “

All of those things and many more made “Halabja” to be called as “the capital of peace”

The University of Halabja is one of the Iraqi Kurdistan public universities founded in 2011 in the city of Halabja, Halabja Governorate. The University consists of five colleges and its scientific and academic staff consist of nearly 160 lecturers in different scientific areas and more than 3500 students are studying in the university.